What is the game about?

Find a meme that fits the caption!

The caption is either provided on a card or generated randomly on the website. The players then have to find a meme – they can use the provided cards or go on an internet quest to find one online! They can even act it out physically – there are no limits to the imagination.

But watch out: there is a 60 second time limit!


Why should I play?

Because it is a fun way to spend time and you even learn something. All captions are somehow related to sustainable behaviours and promote a green lifestyle.


What do I need?

The GREEN MEME EFFECT game can be played as a physical card game as well as digitally with no other resources than a smartphone, a tablet or a PC (one device per player) or even in a mix of both.


How to play the online version:

  • Before you start, make sure that each player has access to a digital device with internet access.
  • Pick one player who will be the JUDGE of the first round!
  • The JUDGE then opens the online game on their digital device ( [a QR code will be added]).
  • The page with the caption is now put down or held for all players to see.
  • All other players now have 60 seconds to find a meme or GIF that fits the caption.
  • When the time is up, show your memes to the judge! They will now pick the winner of the round.
  • Then, the next player becomes the JUDGE and shows a new caption on their phone.

If you have a PC or tablet available as additional device, use that to display the caption online!


Who wins?

For keeping score, we recommend to either write down points on paper (one point for each round's winner) or you can use physical tokens to give out to winners (e.g. paper clips). Choose a method that is easiest and most fun for you!

The game is over when one player has reached 10 points.

How to play the offline version:

  • Print and prepare the cards provided here [LINK TBA].
  • Sort the cards in two stacks: one for captions, one for memes.
  • Each player gets 5 meme cards at the start of the game on their hand.
  • One player is selected to be the JUDGE of the first round (for example the youngest) and draws a caption for everyone to see.
  • All other players have now 60 seconds to select a meme card and put it face-down on the table. (We recommend using the timer of your smartphone)
  • The JUDGE now collects all meme cards, mixes them and puts them face-up next or below the caption card.
  • Now, it is time to decide which meme is the funniest and fits the caption best! The player who drew the caption selects the winner and the owner of the winning meme receives the caption card as token of their win.
  • All played meme cards are put back into the meme stack and everyone who put down a meme card gets to draw a new one (so that everyone has 5 meme cards in their hand).
  • Then, the next player gets to be the JUDGE.

In a mixed setting, you can use your phone (or other digital devices) to search for memes and GIFs to fit the caption!


Who wins?

The winner of each round gets to keep the caption card and when you finished the game, count who has the most.