Opportunity to Bridge Gaps between different communities!

Having access to nature inspires people to engage with their natural environment and increase social inclusion especially with vulnerable groups (migrants, people with disabilities, isolated people, the elderly…). In order to get the best from vulnerable people, they could be encouraged to police their own behaviour with group rules tailored to their requirements. Moreover, they could be allowed to choose activities to show them that they were trusted and their opinions are respected. The aim would be to offer persons who are considered vulnerable a chance to get involved in the environmental cause thanks to nature access. So, giving these groups a chance to understand issues of this topic would be a beneficial way to integrate them.

What is the aim of inclusion through nature?

 ✅ Promoting and educating communities about different topics such as:

  • Sustainability: thanks to many tools to sustainably transform our living places or our means of consumption.
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility of companies or brands), a self-regulating business model which takes care of environmental impact of the companies.


✅ Opportunity to bridge gaps between different communities.

Inclusion through nature should be a great opportunity to meet many people from different backgrounds around environmental activities and to share tips and advice about this topic. Also, this is a way to encourage intergenerational cohesion through knowledge sharing, from older to younger people but also vice versa. So, the aim is to federate people around a main topic of (NATURE) to support inclusion.


What can you do in your community around this topic?

👉 Check if there is a community garden in your neighbourhood and share time with people there.

👉 Being a volunteer in a nature reserve to help people to connect to the outside world.

👉 Clean up a beach, by this activity you act as environmental activist, and it is also a good opportunity to meet people during this time.

👉 Being a voice in your community and promoting sustainability

How does it affect our personal life, our community and the environment?

Embracing a community connection through nature-based initiatives has a profound impact on people's lives, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose. Social equity and inclusion become integral aspects of our community, breaking down barriers and creating spaces where everyone feels welcome.


The well-being with nature approach enhances mental and physical health, promoting a harmonious balance between individuals and their environment.


By giving equitable access to nature for everyone, we contribute to a more just society. Moreover, this inclusive mindset instills a deep respect for both nature and people, creating a sustainable and interconnected community that cherishes diversity and values the well-being of its inhabitants and the environment alike.


Initiative in Sweden

The naturum Vattenriket offers accessible nature trails and observation decks. Along the trails, visitors can find information details about the flora, fauna and ecological significance of the area.


Community gardens: They promote inclusivity, environmental sustainability and circularity by providing green spaces where people can grow their own food. It is also a place to connect with nature and foster a sense of community.


How can I get active in my community?

Getting active in promoting inclusion through nature in our community is a powerful step towards fostering a more diverse and welcoming environment.

👉 Start by educating and raising awareness about the importance of inclusion in outdoor activities.

👉 Collaborate with local communities to develop nature-based initiatives that actively involve people from all walks of life. By paying attention to what's happening around us, we can identify opportunities to create accessible and inclusive spaces, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of connecting with nature.

👉 Through these actions, we can contribute to a more inclusive community that values and embraces diversity in our shared outdoor spaces.

Call to Action!

👉 Look after community gardens in your area and share time there with people.

👉 Volunteer in a nature reserve to help people to connect to the outside world and being a voice in our own communities.

👉 Organize a beach clean up, acting as an environmental activist; it is also a great opportunity to meet people during this activity.


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