From January 2022 to December 2024, 6 partner organisations from 6 EU countries (Austria, Cyprus, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden) are producing an innovative methodology and a range of different practical, low-threshold materials to reach the project objectives, which are:

  • Foster and promote green thinking, lifestyle and attitudes in youth and marginalised youth.


  • Equip the actors in the physical and digital social space (youth workers, youth support, parents, peers, companies/NGOs/local authorities) to become green role models and inspire through micro-interventions.


  • Promote social responsibility, initiative and participation in eco-friendly and sustainable action in the local communities


The target groups of youth and youth support workers will be engaged in various stages of the process. A transnational final conference will conclude the project.


Build GREEN knowledge,
skills and competences

The first step is to equip actors in the physical and digital social space of youth with reliable and attractive materials to build green knowledge, skills and competences.

Implement MEME

The second step is the development of a unique, visually attractive and innovative collection of micro-intervention materials that capture the attention of young people and "greenspire" them to pursue and maintain a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Create opportunities
for impact EFFECT

The final step is to promote the GREEN MEME methodology and materials by providing real engagement opportunities for young people in their physical and digital social space.


The project offers these tangible main results:


GREEN INFO CARDS & VIDEOS & BLOG POSTS with interactive online quizzes.


GUIDELINE on how to apply the GREEN MEME EFFECT methodology in informal settings.


COLLECTION of physical & digital materials to implement MEME micro-interventions in digital & physical social space of youth.


Educational GAME that can be played in typical youth work settings.


IDEA SET for theme days in youth centres to take eco-friendly actions in the local community.


Verein Auxilium
Graz, Austria

Associação BioLiving
Albergaria-a-Velha, Portugal

Meath Partnership
Kells, Ireland

Florence, Italy

S.E.A.L Cyprus
Nicosia, Cyprus

Mobilizing Expertise
Lund, Sweden

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