The GREEN MEME EFFECT project is currently developing a fun game with an educational twist in which the players will have to compete to find the funniest or most fitting memes to a given statement/caption. The captions are all about sustainable and green habits - in spirit of the main aims of our project (read more about that here).

For this game, we are in need of original, funny artwork that will be featured in the game in our digital gallery and on printed cards. To assure that you - the young people for whom the game is designed - enjoy it, we want to use art made by youth for youth.

By the end of the submission period, we will pick 50 winning artworks to be published in the game and on our website & social media channels!

What do we need exactly?

Original artwork, illustrations, drawings and photographs that represent emotions, feelings and are relatable. Give us DRAMA - FUN - SHOCK - MISCHIEF and anything in between!
Your submissions will become the memes, which the players of the game need to fit to a given caption - so the artwork should be versatile.
We will not judge the art style, but more the degree of how well it captures emotion and how relatable it is to various situations.

You can submit PNG, JPG and PDF files in the online form. Be sure that the images you submit are 100% created and owned by you!


What we NOT need...

You should not submit known/popular meme formats, multiple frames (1-2 are ideal, more are not possible to use in the final product), NSFW content that could be triggering or harmful. Furthermore, the artwork should not feature a caption!

You want only the key points?
Go directly to the submission form!

Who can participate?

Anyone between the ages 16 and 25 years currently living in Austria, Cyprus, Ireland,Italy, Portugal, or Sweden!

Why so specific? Because we are a project in the youth sector and our project partners are active in these countries.


Why should you participate?

If one or more of your submitted artworks are selected for the game, you get 20€ for each winning artwork.
You can choose to be featured by name in the game and when we publish the artwork on the website and social media. (We offer the choice due to data protection and if you are happy with being mentioned publicly, we will gladly give you full credit!)


How can you participate?

To participate in the call for artists, please enter the necessary information in our online form here.
You can submit as many artwork as you like until May 31st 2024 (max. 10 per form).


Can I change my mind?

Sure! If you change your mind and do not want your artworks to be considered, let us know via email at You can change your mind up until you sign the contract (see below).


When will the winners be chosen and by whom?

The submissions are open until the end of May. We will then need some time to review them and contact winners via email between the end of June via email.


The winning artwork will be selected by the GREEN MEME EFFECT partnership, more specifically by representatives of each partner organisation. We reserve the right to select the winners to the best of our knowledge and judgement so that the resulting game is of the highest quality and that there are multiple winners (hence a maximum of winning artwork per person).


What if my artwork is selected?

In case one or more of your artworks are selected, we will be in touch in late June 2024 via email. Please note that if we do not receive an answer within 10 business days, we will select another winner instead.


If you win, we will then setup a contract with you, in which the detailed copyright and publication rights are agreed upon. This includes the compensation of 20€ per selected image to be featured in the GREEN MEME EFFECT GAME! Please note that if you are under 18, we will need the signature of your legal guardians at that point.


When setting up the contract, you will also have to proof your age and residence are as indicated in the online form.
You can choose to be mentioned by name in our publication - we are happy to credit you if you are comfortable with that.
We will show you prototype of the meme cards featuring your artwork and then you can approve it for publication.
The contract will be setup between you and the coordinator of the GREEN MEME EFFECT project, who is a non-profit organisation from Austria (Verein Auxilium).


What if my artwork is not selected?

After all artwork of the game are chosen and confirmed via contracts with the artists, we will delete all images and submissions that were not selected and will not publish or use them further.


Any more questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at!


Finally, we are reserving the right to add to these rules to assure safeguarding the information of all participants of the call for artist and future players of the GREEN MEME EFFECT GAME.